Dec 9, 2017



Hello and welcome to the ARK Ecosystem! We are CaliDelegate, an ARK delegate node helping support the ARK network.


What are ARK Delegates?

There is a fixed number of active forging delegates set at 51. These 51 forging spots are for delegate nodes that help secure the ARK network. In reward for securing the network, the delegate receives 2 ARK for every ARK block forged as well as associated ARK transaction fees. Delegates share portions of their reward with their voters based on their proposals.

Delegates create proposals (usually found at forum.ark.io) to try to gather a following of voters for their specific delegate. Delegates that are not in the top 51 still contribute to the network as a relay node, but they do not receive forging rewards.

Voting takes place in the ARK Wallet and ultimately the ARK voters have the power of a democracy to vote for or to un-vote for delegates.

1 ARK Balance = 1 ARK Vote Weight

How do I vote for an ARK Delegate?

Voting is very simple, easy, and rewarding!

Step 1: Download and install the ARK.io wallet from ark.io. The ARK wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Step 2: After installation of the ARK Wallet you can create an account by clicking the “Create Account” button.

 Import Account

Step 3: **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT** Record your secret passphrase by writing it down on paper. Your passphrase is a series of 12 words in lower case and each word has one space in between. Keep your passphrase in a safe location. Do not store your passphrase electronically and do not share your passphrase.

 Create Account

Step 4: After clicking “Next”, you will be asked to confirm certain words of your passphrase to complete the wallet account registration.

Step 5: You have successfully made your ARK Wallet account. Congratulations! The next step is to add a delegate to your account by clicking on the “Votes” tab and the click on the “Add Delegate” button.

 Add Delegate

Step 6: Next, a window will pop up giving you the option to select an Active Delegate from the drop down menu. Then select your preferred delegate.

Add Delegate 2Add Delegate 3

Step 7: After you have selected your delegate you next need to click the “Vote” button.


Step 8: You will be asked to enter your wallet account passphrase to cast your vote for your delegate. To cast a vote or an un-vote, it costs 1 ARK. This will be reduced to 0.02 ARK in the next core update.


That’s it! You have successfully voted for an ARK Delegate and you are now helping support the ARK network.

Thanks for taking the time to follow our guide. See you on the blockchain!